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over 2 years ago

[MUST READ] Appathon Confirmation and Important Notes


Sorry for the double email, our first email had some formatting issues, but be sure to read these 4 notes

  1. Registration: In addition to Devpost, make sure to sign up through our form at
  2. Communication: Communication will be done through email and discord  ( Once you join please react to the message in the appathon channel to gain access to the appathon channels
  3. Event Requirments: In order to have a chance at winning awards (totaling > $20k), you must attend a certain number of events. Please fill out this form indicating which events you will attend over Zoom.
  4. Submissions: The submission period closes Aug 7, 11:15 PM PDT. Click here to view the submission guidelines, and fill out this form to submit your project.